Who would win: Dr Strange or Dr Doom?

This depends. Dr. Doom does not exist in the MCU, he is a Fantastic Four property so his movies are with them. But, in the comic s Dr. Doom is not only a scientist, but a sorcerer as well.

Both are two of the most powerful magic users in Marvel, but if Strange was at his best and not holding back..I'd have to give the edge to him

In a magical contest we have a story about just that, Triumph and Torment.

Why are people so afraid of socialism?

Because they don't understand what socialism really is and they can't be bothered to learn the real true meaning of socialism.They have also been fooled in to believing that capitalism ( as we know it) is a wonderful system that is fair to everyone and anyone can get ahead with some hard

How to block a number from calling your cell phone

In the dialer settings of your phone, there is probably an option for blocking calls from certain numbers (known as black-list on Samsung devices).Alternatively, you can use some 3rd party apps like Truecaller, etc. on your smartphone to block certain calls.

What is spirituality according to Hinduism?

I en-dose your meditation trial. Meditating is an art of combining yourself to the almighty. Its not about imagination, its about realization. First Realizing yourself, then the nature, then the universe, then the god and finally understanding all these are same,