Who would win, Marvel Wolverine vs aliens Movie Alien Warrior?

Are you talking about this movie?

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These reviews are hilarious! I almost want to exchange 2 hours of my life just to experience it. Without this knowledge, I have no idea who would win a fight, but I'm fairly certain Wolverine can handle just about anything or anyone coming his way.

If by some reason you meant ALIEN from the similar era with Acid Blood and mouth within a mouth on a very insect like humanoid body, then Wolverine would really have to have very little if no contact at all with their acid blood and spit. I imagine he could just go around snapping their necks, but I'm doubting coming across a bunch of them he would last very long. The acid would eat him up way faster than he could heal and no idea if his Admantium? coated bones are acid resistant.

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How to improve my art

Here is my answer:1: DRAW, DRAW, DRAWthen look at whatever you have drawn, and analyze it. Ask questions. What happened when i did X? Why did i do Y? Take a good hard look at it. Ask questions and be deliberate in your practise.Rinse and repeat.2: study the fundementals, the core principles. Basic structure, composition, color theory.

How is Trump strengthening the Republican Party?

Strengthening is an interest choice of words. Trump has strengthen the party in the sense that he totally controls it. His racism, his disgusting behavior, his lust for power for its own sake, is now the norm in the Republican Party. And make no mistake the Republican