Who would win, Thanos or SpongeBob?

I mean, Spongebob already has the power of a few of the Infinity Stones including the Power Stone and the Reality Stone. SB is a certified master of martial arts, has fought in numerous armed conflicts from the Cleaniness War to the Defense of the Krusty Krab, and he's virtually invulnerable due to his supreme shock absorption. Nextly he has the powers of the Reality stone, he can make objects appear out of thin air, he can bud out and multiply himself, AND he can create fire underwater, so no matter where Thanos is he can be set ablaze.

Has anyone hired a hacker?

There was a time when hacking and cracking were different. Hacking means creating workflows that a computer code was not designed to. For example, extending its functionality, using it for what it was not meant to, autostart it by using an auxiliary device instead of just click the icon and so

If Google and Apple were rivals, where would most people buy their stuff from?

Apple is very good at getting customers to buy its products. Google is very good at getting it's customers to use it's products for free, then monetising them with ads. (EG giving Android way for free, knowing Android users are highly likely to use Google services.)In categories where we do see Apple and Google

What can make engineering easy?

Love the anger of not understanding and hard working.