Who would win the fight between Deadpool and Ben 10?

Ben 10 wins.

Ben 10 solos. Most of his aliens are more stronger than DP. DP's powerset is a super healing factor and his fourth wall breaking tendency which he can use to gain information. But his offense against Ben 10's aliens is minimal. His guns and swords wont be match for (classic aliens, huh?) Diamondhead or Heatblast. Good luck with that. And also his healing isn't instantaneous. It takes some time for him to heal leaving him at disadvantage.

Deadpool is invincible .

He can't die cause of a curse by thanos. Moreover Ben 10 's Omnitrix has a battery life of 10 min only while deadpool can fight for hours in many different styles.

Is anyone even close to getting richer than Bill Gates?

Yes, Amancio Ortega owns about 67 billion to his name, versus Bill Gates 81 billion. And there was even a point where Amancio Ortega was the richest man in the world. Amancio is still getting richer, and Amazon's Jeff Bezos is also climbing at a lightning fast rate. He is expected to one day surpass Bill Gates.

Why is Elon musk more in news comparatively to his peers?

He loves tweeting and is prominent on social media (recent tweet cost him $20 Million)In a settlement reached with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on Saturday, September 29, Elon Musk will step down as Tesla chairman (although he will stay on as CEO), following a tweet

Can we see actual stars, or just the light emitted from them?

Can we see actual stars, or just the light emitted from them?I am very interested in your ideas about seeing things as opposed to the light emitted (or reflected I guess) by them. Please elucidate the mechanism by which such sight works - is it the