Why I have lighter period than usual for 6 days?

The female cycle is a basically a biologic time piece. Works well enough for the human race to make this far but it is not as accurate or reliable as a modern mechanical time piece or even a time piece of a century ago.

Even with an impeccable every 28 day menstrual history there will be times that things will be off in the timing or amount of bleeding.

You don't give your age or menstrual history so speculation as to "why" would be a useless exercise.

Having said all of that, I suggest you make sure pregnancy is not the issue. A pregnancy test 3 weeks from your last coitus would do it. Then if your symptoms are very unusual as compared to your menstrual history make a routine appointment with your doctor.

If the symptoms are just a variation of previous periods you can wait to see if it is a recurring problem.

Do girls enjoy rejecting guys in arranged marriage?

No, they do not enjoy rejecting guys, nobody is such a sadist.Yes, some girls do reject boys in arranged marriages. But I don't think they enjoy rejecting someone. Usually girls meeting boys is the last stage of arranged marriages. Before that their photos would have got exchanged, parents of

How to properly perform a deadlift

The deadlift is one of the most difficult exercise to teach. Without visual tools its going to be even tougher.First and foremost a quick assessment, can you touch your toes? If not you will need to do hamstring flexibility work first. If so let's move on.I like to use a kettle bell when I first teach a

I'm skinny and want to build muscle. How often should I do cardio?

Think of Cardio and Building Muscle as different animals - you need to treat them differently, and feed them differently.As Anibal Cabral said, if you want to build muscle, don't do cardio, yet!Cardio burns through a huge amount of energy (from carbs and fats) and would leave little nutrients,