Why aliens still not communicate with human?

The brilliant conclusions and mathematics of Enrico Fermi, Frank Drake, James Maxwell, and even a bit of Carl Sagan have combined to provide the excellent answer to this intriguing question.

Simply put: they can't. Just as we will never communicate with them.

Drake informs us that the existence of a multitude of intelligent species in this galaxy alone is a statistical certainty. The quantity of these is so great in fact, Earth should be visited by dozens of different civilizations every decade.

Fermi, correctly points out, however, that because not a single civilization has visited or otherwise attempted to communicate, such a thing must not therefore, be possible, due, in part, to our being so far apart from each other.

Maxwell shuts the door for communication further through the inverse-square rule that radiated energy dissipates too quickly to be intelligible given the distances involved, and that even if there were no such energy-distance limit, the time-distance limit would prohibit true ‘communication'. (Consider, for example, a message left 4,000 years ago by the Druids discovered today. Even with our common Earth-centricity, could it be understood or even recognized as a communication attempt?)

Finally, Sagan demonstrated that an alien message, even if one were to be discovered, would not be decipherable, even by the most brilliant minds on Earth.

No cavalry can reach us to save us. We're on our own. Let's take better care of the only planet we'll ever have.

Likely life is fairly common in the universe,but not intelligent life,mainly plant and lower animal life. Evolution does not demand that intelligent tool making species must arise. Species such as the corvids tended to develop fairly sophisticated abilities,such as the ability to construct and use simple tools,and the ability to teach their young important survival habits,but it stopped there,as they were successful in reproducing at that point.

When you look at isolated environments such as Australia,you do not see an intelligent tool using species arising,even after millions of years,which strongly suggests again that animals can survive nicely without our level of intelligence.

The mystery in all of this becomes why did we leave our fellow primates behind and develop the ability to control fire,make simple stone tools and weapons,and eventually form complex civilizations? The fact that there is only one intelligent tool using species on the planet suggests that it is a very rare occurrence.

Several possibilities.

  1. They are too far away to know we exist. The Milky Way galaxy has perhaps 300 billion stars and is 100,000 light years across. Finding us would be considerably more difficult than finding a needle in a haystack.
  2. They are here, but hiding from us. Perhaps they find no reason to communicate with us. Perhaps they know that revealing their existence would frighten the world in general.
  3. We are alone. Additionally, the simulated universe theory has gained some traction. If the universe is simulated, then it could have been engineered that we are alone.

Here are more thoughts people have in answer to the Fermi Paradox.

Until we fully understand the human brain, all the dimensions to our universe and how aliens may communicate, we cannot yet rule out they do not communicate with us already. Most of clearly havent percieved any such communication. However if you learn anything from the quantum world, things are not how they are percieved by our senses.

Are you sure Tesla was wrong when he claimed the brain was a reciever and they are all connected? He was pretty smart.......

It's really simple: They do. you just can't hear or understand them yet. Anyone that can understand knows to keep quite due to the entrainment and conditioning of the majority of minds within the System. Of course, the narrative is much bigger than that but the fact is, they have always communicated with humans throughout history.

theyhave been here since the begining ,started by warring nations ofother worlds 。thier progeny jnfiletrating our world at the highest levels,to use us as pawns。to settle thier ansester wars。its thier game

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