Why am I always happy?

That is a question you should NEVER ask yourself. The question that's a problem for people to ask is why are they so unhappy or negative. Unfortunately thats what's normal these days.

On the other hand, Being happy is awesome, a gift, something people wish they could be often or everyday. And yes, the world sucks and most people have alot of things going on that not only bring them down but bring down others around them with their negativity. I mean you turn on the news and that's all there is on there.

Being happy all the time is something you SHOULD be happy about lol. Spread that joy and happiness to everyone you meet and talk to and don't ever let anyone bring you down. Also being smart has nothing to do with being happy. Happiness is a feeling, also not a given or something you can just get.

Whatever makes you happy and whatever it is that keeps you in a good mood, hold onto that. Write down what it is, tell everyone about how you are and how you got that way. The world and everyone in it needs more joy and good. There can never be enough of it.

It is a self- contradictory question !  An always happy state will never give birth to any question .

If you were  always  happy , this question should not have come to your mind at all . Only unhappiness and discontent state can create such questions , not the always happy and bliss state .

A new born child has real happiness and that child never asks such questions and only gives a smile to express the happiness .

I used to feel that way... until I wasnt happy for a really long time. Neways long story short. Dont hold urself back from getting to know your other emotions and learn to be COMFORTABLE in them. Happy or otherwise. Bcuz if u think about it, happy is just another emotion like anything else that we feel.. And after youve got to meet the other emotions u have try being just content. You dont always need to be happy, it's an endless chase.

You don't. My therapist had this exact conversation with me. Let me give you a run down on what he told me. If you feel mad and hit a wall, did your emotions make you do that or did you not handle your anger in a healthy way? It's not the emotions that make you do something it is your choice on how you decide to handle that emotion.

So no I don't think you need to always feel happy but I do think learning how to handle your other emotions in a healthy manor may help you a lot. It sure helped me!

You are so lucky to be like this! Instead of asking "why", ask you "How" and try to increase the ways. Keep rocking!!!
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