Why am I bad at running and walking stairs but much better at swimming?

Considering you haven't provided much information on your physique it could be for a multitude of reasons. Body type is important in guiding you success in each sport. Swimmers tend to be taller with a longer torso and shorter legs and runners thend to have a heavier center of mass at their bellybuttons and slightly shorter statured bodies. You probably have noticed that many African Americans are extremely successful runners and not swimmers. While genetics and physiology is not the only reason, African Americans tend to have a heavier center of mass at their bellybutton which proves adventageous in running and not swimming. It could also be your technique or you mind telling you you are bad at one and good at the other, just practice and you can become proficient at whatever sport you desire.

Oh I didnt read your whole description, train your aerobic fitness. Maybe your swimming technique is slightly better or you just dont like running as much so you get tired faster (you make yourself think that). Could be that your legs are not trained that well but your upper body is, and you let your legs drown behind you while you swim.

My right arm is bigger than my left arm. Should I stop lifting with my right arm until the 2 are the same size?

I think you should carry on with both arms.Imbalances are created outside the gym. So if you use your right arm a lot, at work or at home, your right arm will be bigger (but not necessarily stronger) so keep working them both at the gym. With time the difference will be

What is the biggest misconception about electric cars?

That they pollute more than fossil fuel burners because the battery takes more energy to make and produces more CO2 to make, and lithium mining is dreadful and they're toxic and they can't be recycled. So best off driving a car with a fuel burning engine.Okay technically that's 5 misconceptions but they are usually all

My wife is refusing to cooperate with me, how can I divorce her under Indian laws?

I got married 3 years back and just after 2 months of marrige. My wife framed false cases under DVC and DP act and is now demanding for 50lac as settlement.In real We haven't taken any dowry and never been harsh towards her.We have photos and audio conversation from her saying that they haven't paid any dowry