Why am I curious about everything and others are not?

You are lively and mutating. Someone should look at that.

Curiosity strikes and is like an animal pawing at the ground can have unexpected results. You have a deep psychological need to dance on surface and be light. It is of no concern if others are this way you can talk can't you involve them or carry on showing yourself the world first and foremost. Or you might end up boring, to.

Are you curious in scientific or philosophical way or you just want to know what somebody else(even non-significant) is doing. If it is the first option that is good, that is great. But if it is the other well you have to amuse yourself with something. Other people life should not be your speciallity.

What should I do if my schizophrenic son refuses to eat?

I can't imagine how upsetting/ distressing it must be to have a child with schizophrenia, but truly, this isn't about you. It's about what is best for your son.Please start thinking about your son's psychiatrist as being

Why is living alone better than living with the wrong person?

Living with the wrong person is a living hell. Fights, accusations, manipulations, lack of trust, deep loneliness.Yes, it is much better to be alone than be with the wrong person, and being alone at least for a while is not so bad-you have time to follow your interests, have fun

Can traumatic events 'trigger' schizophrenia?

Yes.I already had the early signs of schizophrenia and then something traumatic happened. This triggered my first psychotic episode.