Why am I feeling depressed after feeling happy for about a year?

Nothing stays the same and constant change is the reality of life that accept the facts and do not expect everything would be happy in your life.  You are not alone and every one of us face some kind of unhappy moment or the period.  Do not think your are unlucky either, many are less lucky than you.  If you are feeling pity of yourself, turn the emotion in to a positive thinking and start do something about your feelings.  Be positive and it doesn't mean you'll have a happy tomorrow but be patient and do what you have to do first.

What is the best way to train your body to take in strikes?

Ah body shots. Everyone's favorite thing to complain about (other than legkicks). Now before we talk about this I want to clarify that there are many different kinds of body shots and you will want to train for them differently. Since this is

What do you feel happens to people who do exercise everyday before work?

There is plenty of data showing that physical exertion raises your metabolism. Morning exercise, especially resistance training or high intensity intervals, will cause you to burn more calories during the day. This also has a positive impact on perceived energy level.Sound too good