Why am I not able to build shape in body after lots of gymming?

It could be a plethora of things, but I will point out some of the main reason why many people workout like animals but never build muscle.

1. You are not performing the excercise correctly.

   Many of us, especially when we first start our fitness journey, don't know how to do the workout. Lifting with bad form or  not keeping tension on your muscle will result in "no results". Try learning the proper form and always start with manageable weights that you can control all the way through and maintaining tension on the muscle at all time.

2. Bad nutrition!!!

    I still can't believe it when you ask someone about their nutrition habits and they tell you they eat well... BUT THEY DON'T!

You need to eat a lot of food. I mean a lot of food to make good muscle gains. I am sure you going to say you eat a lot, but I am going to bet my left "you know what" that you are not. When I first started bodybuilding I thought I was eating well too, but I was bullshitting myself and I am sure you are too.

3. You might be doing to much cardio

A while back I use to start my workouts with a 3 mile run before going on to lift weights. I had a real hard time putting on mass. There are 2 reasons for this. First I was using to much of my energy on the run and I was not maximizing on my lifts, and second I was burning to much calories to stay on a surplus. Try keeping your cardio to a minimum at least at the beginning.

4. You are not giving yourself time to grow.

  Most of us want to look like superman after 30 minutes in the gym. Instant gratification is a bitch. If we don't see results after 20 reps, we just want to quit and say "why am I not building muscle".

Well, let me be the one to break it to you. It takes time to build muscle! If it was easy no one would be out of shape, trust me, I haven't met the person that's happy to be overweight. Give yourself a few months of consistent work and eating well so you can start seeing results.

Good luck!

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