Why am I not losing chest fat even I am following the diet and regular exercises in the gym? How to lose chest fat completely and get rid of the chest with a proper diet or exercises?

Probably you have less testosterone flowing through your body, which results in your body turning less masculine.

This means you are developing a secondary sexual ‘female' characteristic which makes your chest fattier.

The best way to counter this is To Keep away from soyabeans, soymilk. They contain a chemical compound which somewhat resembles Oestrogen, the female hormone.The chemical is identified under the category of phytooestrogens. Simple, Throw it away.

Secondly, You need to boost your testosterone levels. For doing it, You can Follow the link below. You can also eat watermelons if available.

8 Proven Ways to Increase Testosterone Levels Naturally

And one more tip I want to give you is You should try to keep your fat levels lower in whole of your body. You should also keep feeding yourself throughout the day, about 5 times a day with small meals.

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