Why are Blackberry phones so expensive?

Firstly don't think BlackBerry brand and phones are inferior. To understand why BlackBerry phones are expensive you need to understand the legacy of BlackBerry. Their phones are made of excellent hardware and software. BlackBerry as a company has always been focused on security which has been built in both hardware and software. This the reason why NATO certified BlackBerry 10 OS phones to be used by its field agents. Do you know President of United States is not authorised to use any other phone but only BlackBerry. The encryption used by BlackBerry makes it so unique that is has been the trusting partners for security in financial sector.

When BlackBerry adopted android as a software for its mobile devices it ensured it made it as secure as it's own operating system. Therefore, if you use BlackBerry KEYone you are rest assured that your data is secured. The build quality is premium therefore BlackBerry charges a premium for its brand the way Apple does for its phone. The target segment for both the companies is different.

Firstly, Blackberry smartphones are not that expensive as compared to the other flagships like from Apple and Samsung.

But given the spec sheet and price, Blackberry phones do appear to be a bit high priced.

Here are my reasons for that :

  • Security: With even iCloud being hacked, security is the topmost need for current smartphone users both general and enterprise. BB offers secured OS like BB 10 and even secure Android. BB keeps updating and throwing monthly security updates and patches for its Android user. This can justify the high price a bit.
  • Optiemus Infracom Ltd, PT BB Merah Putih and TCL: BB no longer makes their own handset instead they've entered into agreement with Optiemus Infracom Ltd, PT BB Merah Putih and TCL to make handsets under BlackBerry brand for various regions and BB will give their secure OS and updates to them and in return it will get royalties or profit share or whatever according to the agreement. So, these three companies launch devices at certain price points so that they too can make some profit, else there's no point in keeping BB name alive in handset market if it's not profitable for them. It's just similar to the situation of HMD and Nokia, where HMD is now launching smartphones under Nokia brand and Nokia gets royalties out of it.

The components of the phone is fine quality not like cheap Chinese phone. I have one bb bold phone which i bought in 2010 at that time the cost of the phone is around 22k. The phone has 512mb ram. My phone has around 20k emails and 10k sms inside and more than 2000 songs, 3000 photos in memory card but the phone is still work like a charm not like android phones. The battery is 1100mah still it works. Any android phones will work after yrs like this. Thats why the price of the phone is too much. But it worth it.

Blackberry phones are not expensive but appear expensive as other Android phones except Samsung are selling below sustainable levels .

Check link below to get an idea:

Why do profit-seeking companies keep making profitless Android phones?

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  • Physical keyboard requires extra manufacturing cost (most of their phones have physical keyboards)
  • You're paying for the operating system as well as the hardware. Unlike most Android OEMs, who do minor changes to what Google has already developed, BlackBerry developed their operating systems from scratch (before their Android line-up).
  • They're premium products. Excellent security, excellent hardware design, solid beasts.


First of all BlackBerry Phones are more Secure phones. So they can secure your privacy from hackers. So they are Protecting your Privacy and Bank details and other private aspects. And let me tell they are completely updates with latest Hardware and Software. They are expensive because they are loaded with security and emails Features which others phone are lacking.

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