Why are South African white cricket players leaving South Africa?

We would be generalising with answers but here are some likely reasons:

  • Safety concerns given the high crime rate in South Africa
  • Better education prospects for their children
  • A large county cricket scene in the UK = a lot of opportunity to get a permanent place in a team
  • Good salaries, in a (typically) strong currency
  • Better prospects to play for a county or national team given quotas being applied in South African cricket, at most levels of the game

Has anyone had a chocolate massage?

Had one last week. It was nice, though I wasn't expecting the chocolate to be hot.

What would happen if Germans had modern SAMs in 1939?

The Allies would quickly learn about the SAMs (Lots of spy's in Germany) and would make the theft of the technology a high priority.The Allies had CHAFF and radar jammers. The RAF had a squadron dedicated to this activity.The SAM sites would

Why do I need a passport to go to Jamaica from Germany?

Because after their harrowing defeat in the War of the Worlds, the Germans were forced by their cruel extraterrestrial overlords to give up their colonial holdings in Jamaica and Alpha Centauri.....because Jamaica is not part of Germany, is why.