Why are divorce rates in America extremely high in comparison to in India?

The two primary factors that form the basis of our actions are feelings and commitment. Some actions are born more out of feelings. Some actions are born more out of a commitment.

There is a third factor too, and that is logic. Some actions are born out of logical reasoning. We might think that most of our actions are based on this third category, but for most of us that may not be entirely true. That is because our reasoning is largely based on our feelings, and not the other way round (as explained in this TED Talk - http://www.ted.com/talks/david_b...). So that pretty much leaves us with just the first and the second factor playing the more significant roles in forming the basis of our actions.

How do you feel now ? How were you feeling when you woke up in the morning ? How did you feel about a certain person last year on the same day ? How do you feel about them now ? Has the feeling remained the same ? The feeling never remains the same, it is always changing.

When there is more of feeling and less of commitment in a decision, that decision is bound to be short lived. If there is more of sand and less of cement, the wall will not stand for too long. You need to have both and in sufficient quantities.

How much money do Uber drivers make?

NYC; In 2013 I averaged about 1300 per week after all Uber deductions and fees as well as $500 per week rent on the car 12 - 15 hours per day 6 days a week. and in some cases 7 days a week. In 2014 that has changed dramatically. All the

Where do Americans retire abroad? Why?

I've answered a few similar questions here. Put simply, retiring in Southeast Asia sounded fun, interesting, with cheap food and beer, UNESCO sites to go visit, and seeing so many countries at a slow pace. I left in 2018 for a few

What are the common traits of highly intelligent people?

People who are capable of high intelligence usually:Learn new information rapidly, easily and efficientlyFeel less discomfort than less gifted people when confronted with information that challenges previously accepted beliefsSolve problems using out-of-the-box methodsAre victims of jealousy, prejudice, and physical or emotional bullyingPossess an exceptionally large vocabulary, often well in excess of 30,000 words which is considered