Why are men considered emotionally stronger than women?

According to your words, "men  are stronger emotionally is only because they are strong enough to  control their feelings and do not express easily, whereas women are  believed to be very sensitive by heart and thus they are unable to hide  their feelings".
You have assumed that controlling feelings is equivalent to being emotionally stronger.

I believe emotional strength is equivalent to showing emotional stability and resiliency. In simple terms it means, the ability of a person to remain calm or exhibit balanced emotions when going gets tough.
Every person shows emotional strength differently.

A soldier crying when he meets his child for the first time is a form of emotional strength. A woman patiently listening to the pain of her children and calmly offering advice is also a form of emotional strength.

A particular gender cannot be judged as emotionally stronger. It depends on a person's life experiences, lessons learned, wisdom and so many intangibles.
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