Why are muscular men attractive?

People notice physical appearance first in most of the cases. To be honest, no one in this world approaches a fat or a thin stranger for a date. Everyone opt for a good looking guy/girl with a good or average built body.

Now, there come the bodybuilder and good physique holder.

  1. A strong and well built body gives a sense of security to any girl irrespective how weak that guy is from the inside (physical look matters and works in most of the cases).
  2. Bodybuilders give a huge part of their life to their body, they earn respect in various place in various forms. Girls like to be with respected and hard working men.
  3. Big or good looking body also gives a sense of dominance. Most of the girls like to be submissive, so they find it attractive.
  4. They look unique in crowd.
  5. Many of them carry sharp jaw line.
  6. If one has good body with brain (knowledge), you will also notice confidence and then again dominance in any group on any topic.

Don't you think that these points make a bodybuilder or a decent physique holder attractive.

Some tips for girls : To be honest, most of the Bodybuilders in India are dumb and don't even know the basic sciences behind what they are eating or what they are training. They don't even know anything about the basic things or news about the world. So, save your time, pay more focus and time to point 6. Point 6th sums everything up. It's rare to find but if you got it, you got a perfect boyfriend material.

How many pushups do I need to do daily to build well-shaped pecs from nothing within 6 months?

This will be different for different people. Some people struggle with 20 while others can do 1000 a day.My suggestion is to push every set to failure and hit the upper, lower, inside, outside, and an exercise that stretches the chest to build width. Also, do not work out on chest everyday because the muscles need a chance

What are some common misconceptions about Singapore?

Hm, the only thing I can think of is the whole ‘no gum' law. It's not as strict as people exaggerate it to be, almost like it's drugs or something. Nah, like, you're allowed to chew gum if it's for medical reasons, and you can bring it in from overseas, many of us have. You're not allowed to

How do actresses manage to work in their period?

Actresses manage to work on periods not because they are superwomen and rather by taking in lot of medicines.Here are the ways Actresses manage to work on period:Using tampons instead of padsActresses don't use the regular sanitary napkins common people do. They use menstrual caps and tampons.