Why are my lats sore after push-ups?

Have you ever done a boxing or MMA class?

Your serratus muscles and back were probably sore the next day.

This is because explosively throwing your hands across your body recruits your back muscles in a significant way.

Ever looked at a boxer's "rib muscles?" those rib muscles are your serratus anterior muscles. The Serratus functions to pull your scapula forward. As in, your shoulder blades. Your back has a surprising amount of involvement in punching movements.

Under what serious condition will you divorce your husband/wife?

This is a very subjective question. Frankly I am of the belief that the word divorce should only come up when everything else fails.People make mistakes in choosing a partner and then realize after marriage that they are stuck in a bad situation. Please remember that marriage is not just co-habitation but co-living. Both people need to act

What are the pros and cons of bench pressing using a Smith Machine?

The problem with most exercises on the Smith Machine is that it forces your body  into a single plane of motion.  The bench press, like most barbell movements, doesn't always move in a single plane and to force the movement to do so can be dangerous to the body.  What will happen if you

I am 31 year old software engineer in India. I am very frustrated from my life. Feels like everything is over. What should I do?

You have to find out the reason(s) for your frustration. Take out notepad and start writing.Write first reasons and find out why this is happening to you. Then go to second reason behind your frustration (if you have) and repeat the