Why are narcissists anti-social?

That depends on both the narcissist and what you mean by anti social. If you mean criminal behavior then it depends on the narcissist. There are plenty of narcissists that aren't antisocial.

If you mean asocial, once again its up to the individual narcissist. I'm sure there are narcissists that like people fine, it depends.

However for the ones that are, I suppose because they feel that since people aren't perfect then they're only worth contempt. But since I'm not a narcissist, I don't really know. You would have to ask the narcissistic quorans.

They don't have boundaries, they don't stop to reach their goal. Their goal is pursuit of narcissistic supply. People without boundaries are dangerous , they might not be anti social but usually can engage in such activities since no boundaries. Narcissist like society but for different reasons , narcissistic supply.

Are Earth-like planets rare?

We don't know. the only planets we can see are the 8 in our solar system. We cannot ‘see' any others in other solar systems because they are too far away. The closest solar system to ours is 30 trillion miles awayWe can ‘infer' there are other planets in some other systems by closely monitoring the light

How Flipboard collect news and articles from different websites?

Publishers create magazines in their accounts. Now content can be shown in those magazines in two ways:One of the ways is that publishers submit their RSS feeds authorizing Flipboard to pull content as and when RSS is updated. These are displayed on publishers' magazines.Another option is publishers create their magazines on