Why are non-Muslim immigrants settled in USA and Europe, never associated with terrorism or religious fundamentalism?

I can only speak for Hindus. The vast majority of Hindus migrate to the USA, Europe and Australia for a better economic life and future for their kids - their migration has nothing to do with their religion, in fact most migrants fall into the "non-religious" category.

A principle of the Hindu religion is that - "if there is something that is sanctioned by the religion but objected to by the people among whom one settles then that practice should be abandoned." The Hindu ethic is grounded in ahimsa or non-violence. So Hindus will do everything in their power to avoid confrontation and violence of any sort in their host countries.

So Hindus make great migrants, adjusting their religious practices to suit the host nation. Hindus integrate very quickly and are highly represented among the professional classes - doctors, lawyers, accountants etc.

There is no such thing as "fundamentalism" in Hinduism as there is no single scripture or dogma that everyone is compelled to follow - although in India there is Hindu "chauvanism" but that is related to the political situation in India itself. This Hindu chauvanism is never applied to the host countries.

Hindus never demand any special privileges such as special meals, prayer rooms, application of religious law etc. So as long as Hindus can discretely build their temples and celebrate their festivals and weddings without let or hindrance they are happy.

When there are protests because of some caricature of Ganesha (as recently happened in Australia) it is impossible to get the Hindu youth out on the streets to protest because they are so involved in furthering their studies in Law, Medicine, Engineering, Business management etc. So only the old and retired will take part.

When was the last time you heard the USA or the NATO bombing a Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, or a Hindu country? These days, America and Europe only fight Muslims, so it is natural to see these reactions. When Hamas launch a rocket, Israel responds by hitting back, because it is written in the Torah: "eye for eye, tooth for tooth; the injury inflicted is the injury to be suffered." [Leviticus 24]

Similarly, the Islamic State did not start this war. It was attacked by the US-led coalition and it had to respond. According to the CNN, the killing of the first American by the Islamic State took place after the US began airstrikes against the IS positions in Iraq.

Al-Adnani, the IS spokesman, confirmed this when he said:

"Oh Americans and Europeans, the Islamic State did not start fighting you, contrary to what your governments and media would have you believe. It was you who attacked us first, and the blame lies with whoever started it."


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From your question, it seems like you want another religious community to be blamed the next time when something terrifying happens and source belong to non-Muslim community.

IT's UNFORTUNATE. Many are seeking the same thing may be just to balance things for how Muslims get blamed.

IT'S UNFORTUNATE. No religion teaches, preaches or inspire terrorism. Act of some misguided, unstable, disturbed can't define the mentality of whole religion. I work with Muslim people everyday and they don't show up all angry and frustrated out of the blue. There are over 3 billion Muslims around the world. If Muslims were terrorist I don't think anyone stands much a chance to survive against that kind of population.

Now to the blame game, it's not fun and it'never gonna help anyone either. It will only create difference and hatred among society and we all should avoid that at all costs. We shouldn't the media hype dictate our emotions and decision. We shouldn't let mass journalism instigate actions bcz media can very much be biased and for personal profits. We all got this nifty little thing called "Brain" and we should start using it and be more rational and logical.

A little tolerant would also go a long way ;)

OH, wait a minute there! The Fundamentalist LDS church terrorizes members, X-members and non-FDLS people who have the misfortune to live close by. No massive terrorist attacks, but they're evil.

I don't think you could call the idiots who occupied the Oregon FS office fundamentalist terrorists, but they're close.

In Antelope OR there was a cult- remember the Baghwan? They infected a local salad bar with salmonella so that no one but themselves would show up to vote. The town's name was briefly changed from Antelope to "Rajneeshpuram". Now changed back again, thank goodness.

There have indeed been fundamentalist Xtian terrorists who bombed abortion clinics and the Olympics.

The KKK used to perpetrate horrendous terrorist attacks on blacks.

Anti-Union forces did the same.

And that's just America.

In Myanmar, Buddhists terrorize the Muslim Rohingya minority to the point of genocide.

Hindu terrorism? Google:

Most Muslims in the US for the most part have assimilated and integrated into the American population. Muslims from smaller Islamic communities in the US tend to integrate with more Western ideals and attitudes while maintaining the their Islamic identities than larger Islamic communities in the US that become insular and maintain more religious and cultural connections with their homeland than their new country. More importantly, immigrants from other religious beliefs have far fewer life and cultural restrictions that make integration and assimilation far easier for them than it would for families from Islamic backgrounds.

You also have to remember that some Islamic immigrants have been taught from an early age, an us versus them mentality, and not to emulate the ways of "immorally bankrupt" westerns while living in the. The problem this creates is that those from larger communities such as the Islamic communities in Michigan and the Midwest have become so insular in their own communities, they have a difficult time interacting outside their Islamic community and relating to the world (Americans) on a human level outside of religion as religion is the one first and foremost defining factor centering around everything in their lives. A prime example of that would be expressed in this Rolling Stones article about a teenage Muslim daughter of immigrants who never integrate or assimilate into the country of her birth because of her insular environment.

It's not to say Muslims don't integrate well wherever they go because the vast majority do, but to integrate requires some flexibility and compromise on culture and religious beliefs that they may or may not be willing to make. Most other immigrants don't have those issues. For some Muslims from more conservative backgrounds, it may be a little harder.

  1. in the case of the US, everybody is an immigrant then since the real ethnic population has pretty much been wiped out and known as red necks now.
  2. also goes on to show what unfriendly immigrants can do to a nation
  3. as for europe, well it is pretty much following suit by allowing the syrians to enter and on the verge of making red necks of theselves
  4. now coming to the non muslim bit, sikhs run khalistan outfits abroad that is some serious religious fundamentalism.
  5. as for other factors of terrorism pretty much every race residing in the US caters that need via mobs, drugs, and thuglife endorsements.

It is difficult to say, "Never" for anything in present day and age. But, yes! When compared with their peers living in underdeveloped countries, Muslims in US and UK engage much less in such activities

Scientificly speaking, the two groups of people in your question, are only similar in being Muslims. The two groups are very diverse e every other attribute. Social outlook, educational opportunities, world view, exposure to other faiths, living conditions; all are not only different, they are contrasting. Single biggest variable is exposure to clergy during formative years. Our schools became terrorist factories because of the vested interests of US and UK during the Cold War and British Raj, respectively. Both these nations used clergy to manipulate the masses to engage in so called, "holy wars" to gain their individual ends. I don't blame US or UK, mind you! Our clergy end our army and our common man is to be blamed 100% for allowing this brain washing over centuries

In conclusion, it is not Islam that makes us fundamentalists and/or terrorists. It is Muslims with no knowledge of Islam

If you studied Islam from historic perspectives, you might have noticed that Muhammad had wars with those tribes and lands who denied him as prophet and rejected islam.
The Quran calls on jihad, and Muhammad followed it.

Muhammad taught that duty of faithful Muslims is conquering of lands for Islam's sake. All territories should submit to Islam.
Neither Jesus Christ, nor Buddha called on wars.

Their struggle was rather spiritual than physical.

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