Why are non-Muslim men marrying Muslim women and then converting to Islam?

I think that the information is most likely being viewed incorrectly. I happen to know many men who have converted to Islam and married Muslim women. In general they convert to Islam first and then choose a Muslim wife. One couple that I know met in an airport in London. He fell in love with her immediately but although she would speak to him she wouldnt marry him or get serious because he wasnt Muslim. He began looking into Islam because he was into her but chose Islam because he believed in it. The odd thing is that he actually brought HER into into the practice of her faith and not the other way around? She was pretty much only a cultural and holiday practicing person who identified as Muslim but didnt practice her faith. Now they are both practicing Muslims with a family.  Islam prohibits Muslim women from marrying non muslim men so that definitely plays a role in some conversions but not the majority. I for instance am a convert to Islam who chose to marry a muslim man. I did not convert to Islam for him, I married him because he was Muslim. It is common for adult converts to marry soon after conversion because marriage and family are such a huge part of Islam. That may tend to cloud statistics like these.
How to deal with problems in laws

Especially if they're just ordinarily negative, but even if they're openly hostile, try to be positive around them (not overly positive, just don't give in to your own negative urges). Be personable in conversation with them; ask about them and their interests-making your conversation about them is often successful (and, if you don't know

What should I do if I'm falling in love with the same person again?

Watch your feelings. It might not be love but just an effect to the memories of the time spent together. The stronger the bond, the stronger the need to know the well being of the person you left. It might

I have married and moved out but my parents strongly hate that I have moved out and have gone as far as making a huge scene at my in-laws. Any talk about my current living situation is now very uncomfortable. How can I deal with this?

The sign of being a good parent who has raised their children well is for the children to be able to live independently of their parents! You need to be very strong and firm. Whose life are you living anyway? Your life is yours, not theirs. Have your spouse inform their parents of the