Why are people never happy for others?

I believe that it's due to the following reasons :

  • When your happiness represents a threat to other people
  • When they put themselves into secret competition with you , and they have a goal to be always better than you are !
  • When they always want to keep you at the bottom , in order to have the feeling that they are the best
  • When they envy you , whishing to get what you have
  • When they want to get all the good for themselves
  • When their Ego trap their mind with the idea : if someone else is Happy , then you are miserable
  • When they fake happiness with some material stuff , it's so fragile that any outer happiness detected on someone else's life , would destroy all their Act
  • Sometimes , your misery is the fuel of other persons ... they motivate themselves with it !
  • Some people prove to themselves that they are right , by making sure that others are wrong ... that others have chosen the wrong path , and that the result must be a total failure , so when they see you happy , it devastates their inner security , and it shakes their self confidence !

I wouldn't say that all people do that , but the selfishness is growing in the whole world !

Well there are some reasons people wouldn't be happy for others.

Like out of jealousy, it's like seeing someone achieving success which the jealous person sees and envies them in resentment. This can be in your work fields, or family, or in friends like example: your sister just recently got accepted into a famous company while your still looking for a job. Your parents will favour one and obviously leads to jealousy.

Or fake ness, this is in terms with friends mostly. A genuine friend likes to see you success while a fake friend might want you to succeed but not succeed more than them. They don't want the spotlight taken away from them so they can't be genuinely happy when your a threat.

Or its just them, every person's thinking is different. They might hate you or they just don't really care, maybe it's just their personality. Maybe they are a negative person filled with hate and resentment towards anyone. Who knows.

People want all the good stuff for themselves and none for others, unless they indirectly benefit from that too.

So when they see others having any good stuff, it burns them inside.

Why are they like this?

It's because they are wicked.

The wicked only want to curse others and bless themselves. They do not want to bless others. They want all of life's blessing ALL OF IT! only for themselves, food, wealth, women, real estate, attention, strength, intelligence, looks, etc. They want themselves to be strong, intelligent, pretty and they want others to be weak, stupid, and ugly. They want all the women to admire them and scorn the other men. Of course, the reverse is also true for women. They want everyone else to convenience them, while they inconvenience others. They want to waste others' time while they will impatiently refuse to wait for others. They want to waste others money and save theirs. While socialising, they want to curse others by causing them distress, making them upset, pranking them, teasing them, telling off colour jokes like "I'll kill you! only kidding!". The last thing they want is to see others happy and smiling.

Why don't they want to bless others?

That's a very hard question to answer. As we can argue that blessing others shouldn't be a problem as long as it's convenient for us and not too costly. Like, for example, just being happy for others' good fortune, it doesn't require blood donations or a $500 donation or giving up a whole day's time. Nevertheless, people don't want to give even that little blessing. And this applies even to best friends, siblings, and parents, and offspring. Many families are just individuals cursing each other.

This is an indication how toxic many people are at heart. They hide the cancer of their evil and ill will from others their whole lives. And, most surprisingly, I see many fools claiming nobody is evil, nobody intends ill will towards others. Curious, are many people truly that retarded? They truly can't see the harm their best friends and spouses and colleagues are doing to them? Oh well, it's their own lives, not mine. I am not sharing the consequences of their foolishness. It's safely confined to only them.

I would never tolerate having a person with a wicked heart in my life.

I would not say that people are never happy for others, but frequently, yes.

I have always thought it is harder to find someone to be genuinely happy for your gain than find someone to commiserate with your loss.

Why? People are jealous and unreasonably think that if you have more, they have less.

Joyce Meyer says when you hear that someone got something that you have wanted for a while, say, "I'm in that line!" and be happy for them. Your time will come.

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