Why are so many marriages often end up in divorce, its like divorce is a thing that's attached to marriage?

Just an observation but when you get a marriage license, there is something on that marriage license, known as a pre nup, that states that the laws of the state will be used to determine how a marriage is dissolved. You can modify this pre nup to make it fair to both parties if they are of unequal position.

So..... as you can see, divorce is, in a manner of speaking, attached to marriage.

Do arranged marriages occur in America?

It is called blind dating. There's no interference (if you want to call it that) by parents and you have to find a spouse for yourself. This puts tremendous pressure on people after a certain age because nobody wants to be seen

What is easier, a shorter person doing a push up or pull up or a taller bigger person?

Obviously the shorter person doesn't have a longer range of motion than the taller person and if we consider their upper bodies to be the same weight the shorter person will appear to be lifting a shorter distance but we can only determine the effectiveness of the push up

How will my life change if I do 100 pull-ups every day?

You'll have very strong lats, biceps, and other back and pulling muscles. You'll have very strong forearms.Total reps a day matter, but max reps per session matters also. 100 pull ups a day is not the same as 100 pull ups in a set, and not the same as