Why are so many people against Tesla or electric vehicles?

The advent of electric vehicles is a disruption that will severely curtail or outright kill many traditional industries. People whose economic ox will be gored are understandably hostile. Take as a simple example, all of the "Jeffy Lube" type oil change shops. They will all be out of business since EV's don't need motor oil. EV's don't have tail pipes, so all of the emission inspection stations will be gone. Most tradiditional auto mechanics will be out of business, since most of the parts that fail in a gas car don't exist in EV's. Car dealerships will be out of business because the industry is switching to a direct sales model. To survive, the large auto manufacturers are entering into crash programs to switch to electric cars. For example, VW and Toyota are both developing next generation, solid state traction batteries which should be superior to the present Li-Ion technology. The petroleum giants are rebranding themselves as energy companies and investing in things such as off-shore wind farms.

All of the above industries have a vested interest in slowing down EV adoption to give themselves breathing room to adapt and survive.

Sorry but I just have to respond with the obvious question back at you: How many people are against Tesla, and electric vehicles in general? What do you mean by "against"? Seriously, it is like asking how many people fear change? How many people ask vague questions and how many people answer with more stupid questions (like me) lol? I'm sure my response will get flagged but come on how about putting a little more effort into thinking through what you are asking? So, how many is so many? And the how many people are FOR electric vehicles?

As a species, we humans all fear change. Also, more directly, we fear what we do not completely understand. I have witnessed technological breakthroughs in my lifetime that are astounding and it took me time to climb aboard for the ride. Most people who are currently ‘against' BEV electric automobiles have never ridden in or driven one. When they do, MOST will then see the benefits for them.

I don't know anyone who's against them as such.

But Tesla in particular is expensive, they generally have a limited range, access to charge stations is equally limited, charging takes longer than refueling, what'll happen to them on the used market is anybody's guess.

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