Why are so many people drawn to New York City?

NYC used to be a place where the freaks and weirdos could go to live. A small island off the coast of America. Expats from the mainland escaping the brutality of "normal" people.

With out much money you could have a pretty interesting life, do cool stuff. Just try to not get killed.

Of course, that's all changed. NYC got cleaned up, got safe. All the normal people moved here. The first thing they did was push out the freaks. Secondly they make it into an expensive replica of their lives on the mainland.

It's become an giant frat house for tech and finance bro's. They go to brunch.

If I could meet a 20 year old version of myself I'd tell him to move to Philly, Detroit, Cambodia. Anywhere but NYC.

How quickly does fitness depreciate? For every day off, for example, what percentage of your overall fitness level decreases?

From my experience this is as much dependent upon what I am eating as what I am doing. To give some context, I am 5' 10'', consistently active, and about 185 pounds. I'll cite a few examples below.Weight Training (Muscle Work)When