Why are so many sci-fi movie star ships gray?

My guess would be that most movies with 'star ships' are about interstellar war or some sort of conflict in space and 'battleship grey' is a standard military color for naval aircraft & ships from many nations and space armadas are basically navies in space.  This gives the audience a sense of familiarity and connection with the story even if this and other aspects are in reality unbelievable... In other words it helps with the suspension of disbelief. Now of course better camouflage in space would be to paint star ships black, but that would also make them much harder to see on the big screen. Grey allows for that military feeling while still being easy on movie audience eyes... Just my guess.
What are some truly awe inspiring views in the universe?

Almost anywhere you travel in Norway. They have dark earthen tunnels through mountains that take you from a summer valley to 20 foot columns of ice and people skiing at chalets on the mountain top. They have logging rivers that are so beautiful you can't bear to look at them

How long can we live without blood?

I don't think it has ever been done but suppose there was a way to remove all blood from a human body instantaneously, the brain would start dying in less than three minutes, and i would be interested to see what a heart

How are people happy about being alive? What makes them want to be?

So this is coming from someone who suffers horrible depression set on by being bipolar II. I think a turning point in my life was almost dying on two occasions, one in which I slit my wrists and another when I crashed my car into a ditch. I think I walked away