Why are the divorce rates for Asian Male/White Female marriages so high?

I majored in the sciences, so I was curious about the research. I had to do some digging because your link only gives the abstract. But I found the original document and noticed that the methodology is pretty suspect. The sample size is ridiculously low, and they did not select for different Asian races, nor did they consider other factors-was the Asian directly from Asia or was he second or third generation? What was the income level for both? What was the nationality of the "white" female? A lot of articles and "statistics" seem to receive overwhelming coverage, especially when it portrays Asian men in a negative light. There's a historical basis for this as a result of the "yellow peril," WWII anti-Japanese propaganda, and fear of the white genocide. It still permeates today's culture like cancer.

Are sports dying?

Let's hope that major sports are dying.I believe that paying for the ridiculous salaries of prime time sports players and the businesses that run them should come to an end. When the average salary of a major league sport, such as the NBA's average player salary ($4.58 million as of 2015), is so

Is the King of Prussia Mall overrated?

Daniel Silbey's answer captures the nature of the KOP Mall... it is enormous, and has grown over the years....The positive - if you want something, the chances are good you can find it there, especially if you are seeking something from an established/luxury brand.the challenge - parking is vast, distances to mall entry

For students and people in the midst of learning lots of data, what do you do to combat brain fatigue?

Eat healthy energy boosters like bananas, walnut, dry fruits, dates etc.Take breaks and do simple exercises just to get the blood flowing.Break up the data into small categories and start studying in a systematic manner. There should be a clear flow of ideas.Try to visualise concepts as much as possible. If