Why are the simple things in life so hard?

Because we humans fail to understand the value of simple things of life when everything in life seems good or for that matter when everything seems to be okay.

It is only when life shows us its ugly side, that we open our eyes. Truth be told we resist and complain at first, then gradually we start to accept and then comes the learning.

Trust me that this simple lesson that life teaches you when you are down and out is the most magical lesson that leaves you with a sense of gratitude and freedom.

Let me give you an example- Consider a person who being a workoholic develops health issues say in his early thirties (obesity, diabetes , heart problems et all). This person will get a stroke one day....a few days later he will curse life, resist and not accept...the next day he takes up yoga, goes to the dietician, plans to spend time with family , chalks up a plan to follow a few hobbies.

The point I make here is that had he not have had that stroke , he would still continue the same way.It is only when something is wrong that he learnt a life lesson. (which would probably keep him healthy for the rest of his life.)

PS- There are a very few wise people who understand the value of the simple things in life before life itself kicks in to show you the way :)
I am not sure why I got tagged to write this question, but I assume by the simple things you mean the things that should just come naturally, the things that we all understand when we feel it,  . . .when we know it . . .

When we look into that "other's" eyes.

The reason the simple things in life are difficult is because people have preconceived notions.   Like you think you know what love is, and then BAM life throws you for a loop and now you cant even make heads of tails of anything. 

THAT is your notion of what life SHOULD BE screwing with the reality of what life IS.  And it will burn the heart of you every time you let it.

The trick in life is not to have any of these notions of what you are going to get from other people and to accept that what you want comes with things  that you didn't realize was in the package when you bought it. 

Emotions are simple . . . People are complex and they rarely act in the way we assume they will, especially when your view of them is through the lenses of a person you care about and think the best of, without seeing the beast. 

Hang in there.
Don't overcomplicate things.  Don't OVER-THINK things.  Don't add all the aspects of your lifestyle (work, play, relationships) in one stew pot.  Keeping life cleanly partitioned has been my solution for maintaining what little sanity I still have.

Life comes with it's challenges, but don't confuse ruts in the road with the term hard.  If in doubt, look at historical situations where people somehow survived the impossible such as Shackleton.

The number one solution for practically anything is in how we relate to the given challenge, not in just how we react.
Simple is the most difficult thing. Keeping it simple, being simple is not easy. Mocking something or behaving odd or funny is easy, but simplicity comes at a cost, cost of hard work and perseverance. Because, simplicity once achieved, it stays, it never gets out of date, it never is boring....everyone likes simple, they may get lured by or excited by different things at different stages, but simple remains and shall always be.
Dunning-Kruger effect.

"How hard can this be?" says the simpleton, seeing an expert effortlessly accomplishing a task. "I can do that!"

Simpleton then attempts to accomplish that simple thing for himself. Oh dear me, he discovers that it is very far from being simple to accomplish.

If the simpleton wishes to grow wise, he will work on that simple-looking thing and keep on working on it until he accomplishes it.

Once he has accomplished it, he understands now how difficult that thing is to do. He also understands that he is not very good at it either.
Its too depend upon the way of our thinking and how we keep approach towards that. If we wanna do then we can make even the tougher things simpler. Only what we have to do, is to keep belief in ourselves and put our efforts with full enthusiasm.
Nothing is so difficult as they seem to. Only we have to start doing that and try to give our best.
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