Why are there not many hybrid/electrical cars in Australia?

Dirt-cheap petrol and relatively cheap petrol and diesel cars would be primary reasons. Timid, risk-averse importers and few government incentives to take that risk doesn't help. A lack of public charging infrastructure is another disincentive. Still, it's largely up to distributors and manufacturers to make the supply and support decision and seize the opportunity. Obviously there is a cost in doing so, especially in a physically large and relatively isolated market like Australia. And there remains strong competition from those fossil-fueled vehicles.

Small electric cars would suit Australian cities and larger versions with greater mass and the virtue of instantaneous torque delivery would be ideal for towing. Sports cars are another market opportunity. But range remains an issue for some uses, and there are other barriers to entry to the Australian car market to consider. Whilst these barriers have been eroding over the last few decades, protectionism and patriotism have gone hand in hand in restricting marketshare for innovators. Whilst that has changed, there are also unique design laws that must be met, at considerable cost. So it remains hard to justify the investment right now. After all, profit must be made or some other market goal achieved.

Despite all of this the market has been tested by some early entrants, but they have not sought volume. Rather they have generally targeted a premium price segment. Price and availability is set by distributors and manufacturers and they don't want to cannibalise their petrol and diesel sales. At least not yet. There will be a tipping point where the numbers will fall towards electric cars. We just aren't there yet.
There are many factors as to why Australians haven't fully embraced environmentally friendly electric or hybrid cars, (which are also much cheaper to run than petrol or diesel fuelled vehicles).

Primary considerations are price, range and the availability of charging stations. Tesla models certainly have the best range, but at a huge cost, of up to $100,000 AUD. Secondary considerations are limited service centres and repair shops.

There are some stamp duty and rebates available to electric car owners, but only in the Australian Capital Territory and the state of Victoria. So these are limited.

This guide, which includes information from the Australian Electric Vehicle Association (AEVA), http://www.gumtree.com.au/scam-s... states; "Australia is on the cusp of an electric vehicle revolution with the number of plug-in vehicles doubling in the past year, with more new models ready for release".

So, the shift to electric vehicles may be on the horizon. Australia is just in need of some catching up.
Australians love cars with big engines. The Bathurst 1000 is the major automotive event of the year. Australians also love camping, which often means towing an enormous boat or caravan. A small engine just isn't up to the job. It's a V8 Holden or Ford which earns respect and gives you status in society.

To sum up, Australians take advice from Jeremy Clarkson when buying cars.
Hybrid / electrical cars cost more to purchase.
The registration of a Hybrid / electrical car attracts a discounted
Car Registration in some states in Australia.  In Victoria it is $100.00 discount.
Hybrid cars are seen to be slower and not good in rough road conditions.
Australians like big cars with power to take on our wild country.
Price point of hybrid or electric cars is simply too high. The general buyer doesn't have that option.

I also wonder, given we produce the vast majority of our power from coal, would it be such an advantage? I haven't researched figures on this but would be a concern to me. We would also need far more stability, transparency and assurances around electricity prices.

I'm still waiting for the drop in price I was expecting after the carbon price legislation was dropped by this (lying and irresponsible) government.

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