Why are there so many great actors and actresses from Australia?

Virtually all Australian actors are formally trained professionals rather than celebrities. They have studied drama, singing and dance at NIDA or a similar acting school. They have worked in TV and theatre in a wide variety of character roles. This gives them a strong performance background.

In many other countries actors are often just a pretty or interesting face. They have no real training in acting. They just play themselves speaking lines.

My best guess is that smaller population versus say...the US means they have to put a lot more effort in to be seen to start with. That's not to say US actors aren't great there are several that are!

Just that the talent pool is smaller so in order to be seen they have to make an impact. That goes for any country with a smaller population.

Then again I'm Aussie so I'm a bit biased ;)

I'm sure there are a myriad of other reasons why, but from where I'm sitting this seems to be the case

What are the best lines from any romantic movie(s)?

From the Philippine movie One More Chance:Exes were asked to work together after supposedly moving on from their former romance, but realizing in the middle of their work together, that they really haven't and it was affecting their professional relationship;Basha: I hope it's me again (to have his love)..Popoy: I love Trisha (his current GF)..Basha: I know... I

After watching Infinity War, who is Captain Marvel?

Working off of what we are expected to know at this point in the MCU, Captain Marvel is a superhero who can fly, has some super strength, and a bunch of other powers. What we know so far about her origin movie is