Why are we getting pain in muscles if we work out after a long time?

When you place stress on the body, whether it is resistance training or cardiovascular exercise, micro tears occur throughout the body. These tears can become a problem if you do not recover your body by consuming adequate amounts of protein. The key to exercising is proper recovery. Ensure that you do not exercise so long as to not be able to fully recover your body. Once you are unable to properly recover, you will be getting in the realm of overtraining, which breaks down muscle tissue and bone.

Just don't overdo it in the gym. Be realistic about your goals and do not try to kill yourself with weights or cardio. You will get there, just not in one day.

Working out: Why do I feel regret after working out?

Thanks for the A2A Benjamin; you have a good name.  The lifetime key to health Benjamin is to learn to listen to the wisdom of your own body. Let's address some physical reasons why you might feel an emotional down after doing your best, then we'll

How many grams of protein should I consume to build muscle as a vegetarian?

For optimal muscle growth, consume the same number of grams of protein as non-vegetarians should for optimal growth, 0.8 grams per lb of your bodyweight daily. Whether vegetarian, carnivorous, omnivorous, or whatever, the adult male body requires the same gram-to-weight ratio of protein for optimal muscle growth.For example, if you weight 160

What are the biggest misconceptions people have about the politics of your country?

That Conservatives are fascists and that fascists weren't socialists.In truth, the only real difference between Fascism and Communism is the number of people in charge; the former has a dictator and the latter a committee or party. The Progressive (Marx the Hitler used that term, as did Woodrow Wilson, a solid Democrat) Liberal (Newspeak for Progressive as well