Why are you opposed to gay marriage? And how would gay couples being married affect your life?

I hope the begining of my answer is not going to be the end.
I'm not opposed.
I fear "we" have a great concern with this topic, the so called
"tree hidding the forest".


As you may know homosexuality is a new concept and a new word.

The idea of a person spending his life with another person of the same sex, didn't almost exist in ancient times.

The point was more about occasional sex between a man and a boy or a slave in an inferior position, the pederastry.


as divine prosititution, incest, or child sacrifice was a main threat for the jewish offsprings within the ancient megalopoles.
That's why they create their Law,
to protect and create a futur for their offsprings.

For early christians, the greeco-roman pederastry was a nightmare as 12 was the limit to be considered as an adult and allow to enter in a monestry...

You can imagine the fate of those "mignons".

Juridic records through the middle ages, attested that 80% of the so called sodomites are young slave serving a master abuser.


Some of my friends work in the AIDS structure in my country. They explain to me that 3% to 5% of people maximum can be considered as homosexuals, while 20% of the married man could search for occasional sexual intercurses with boys and so contribute to spread the illness.

Now the final point.

Most of the fanatic reactions against homosexuality can be explain by the doubts, the doubts some people experience about their own sexuality.


As Barry Hampe pointed in a touching answer Homosexuality is about love,
love between 2 persons of the same sexe.
Love must be protected as love is strong but fragil.
Family and marriage is on of the best place I know to develop love.

Solving this question asap could open place for the next debate, how to better protect inocence against destructive and predative instincts, the forest behind the tree.
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