Why aren't public schools more spiritual?

I believe that most schools are not more spiritual for several reasons...

The purpose of public education is to divert public monies into the production of productive citizens.

 In this country, at least, our system of free public education has created a distorted version of what the purpose of education is. 

Thus, the larger purpose of education - to contribute to the quality of an individuals life and, by extension, to the lives of others around them and to society as a whole - has essentially been lost. If we had this larger purpose in mind, spirituality would very naturally tend to follow.

In the post-industrial era, the education system has largely lost the ability to have a civil discourse on non-factual subjects, such as spirituality.

We do a generally poor job of discussing philosophy and questions of meaning, as well as in discussing values and morality.

In my opinion, the art of rhetoric and didactic needs to be re-developed before we can have a system that is capable of processing, much less imparting what we know about spirituality.

Our culture is for many reasons, rather spiritually stunted and more blind than any in history to the idea of enlightenment and spititual attainment.

This intentional myopia is probably the collective emotional scarring of all of the terrifying power-struggles that have resulted from organized religions fighting over their particular brands of spirituality.

It may well be that the material-based value-system of the current western culture is itself a source of spiritual decay.

We may by too busy chasing dollars to chase nirvana, so that the values of the larger culture cannot help but become part of our education.

These are just the first things that come to mind.  I'm interested to find what others think.
When would there be time for this, Sir? 

Are you not aware that schools in the US are expected to provide door to door transportation, medical services, psychological services, drug prevention, pregnancy prevention, abuse monitoring, social media policing, vandalism watches, criminal investigation services, action research, sports training, vocational skills, drivers education, leisure travel, ice cream socials, academic competitions, public volunteering, field days, recycling drives, environmental awareness, electronic hobbyist projects, tutoring, reading contests, year-round fundraising and Tshirt message checks while simultaneously assuring that all children are at least average in math, science, history, English, music, languages, arts, etc.?
What spiritual practices are not harmful?  While you could decide what spiritual practices cause benefit or harm in this life by doing science, you can not know what the effect of any practice on someone's afterlife will be. Christians, in particular, can be afraid that many practices can lead the practitioner to damnation.

Spiritual practices should not be a required part of public school because their is such a high degree of disagreement about what practices are good and useful.
they teach ur children internationally accepted morals, culture & traditions.  its very difficult to follow a specific spiritual activities among children following different religions. so they just pretend to be a little bit religious.
There's a growing segment of the population that don't want there to be public education at all. Not saying I agree with them, but if people aren't sure they want to pay for other people's kids to learn how to read & write, how do you think it would be justified to spend money on something that has no tangible benefit to the future workers of the world?
Who would win in a war between Russia and the US?

In a very rare instance I am going to slightly disagree with my good friend Dan and any that say it would go nuclear. I would like to first say that I do agree with him and echo that it is unlikely there would be any

Why are people becoming dumb and materialistic?

Things were created to be used, people were created to be loved. The reason why the world is in chaos is because people are being used and things are being loved. - John Green.We are the Internet generation, we love our smartphones, more than we love ourselves or anybody.So that's why, we're becoming more dumb and materialistics.What