Why aren't there more Christians named Jesus?

Jesús is the 10th most common male name in Spain, according to official data from the INE (Instituto Nacional de Estadística, the Spanish Statistical Office). You will find ~300,000 "Jesuses" here!

How to get rid of bad/toxic habits and behavioral traits

Here bad/toxic habits mean those habits whose impact is negative on your life.Habits often built unknowingly and it takes time to completely erase them.Whatever unhealthy habits you have,keep doing them.Yes,you read it right,keep doing them.If you are thinking to eliminate your bad habits immediately then you are going wrong,you will end up doing that

Do Indian wives like to dominate their husbands?

Both men and women dominate each other, but in a different way. It's just that we don't realize it easily.Due to biological factors, men are supposed to be domineering in nature. They are physically much stronger, thus it creates a psychological pressure

How does Olymp trade work? Do we get real money from this in India?

They work on Binary Trading method which is the most proven method in trading.You can able to make high profit from this type of trading, but be aware and stay away from the scammers.Many individuals and corporate have invested a huge money in this type of trading and making