Why can't people be happier together?

I think its because people are looking at each other to find happiness when they should be looking at themselves and doing the work that is needed in order for them to be happy with themselves. It's not someones place to make you happy you need to find happiness from within and then you will see people differently and it wont be a matter of whether or not someone makes you happy. You will find your inner happiness reflected back to you in everyone.

Why is money the biggest cause of divorce in America?

Two reasons:two people in an exclusive relationship can have different life, spending and investing prioritiesmoney troubles, for which there are no easy fixes other than earning more and spending less, can cause great stress especially when it affects major lifestyle factors (eg. luxuries, homelessness, etc. ) reflected in those different priorities, above

How is actual computer hacking done?

There are a great many ways to "hack" a computer. Here are a few of most significant (this is not an exhaustive list by any means):Exploiting a known security flaw in un-patched software running on the computer. These are known flaws for which an update has been released but due to laziness /

Can a married woman divorce her husband if he is not mistreating her?

That depends where you live. The law is different all over the world, and legal questions are meaningless unless you specify your jurisdiction.If you live in an area that has no-fault divorce (e.g., Australia) then you don't need to cite any reason at all for a divorce. You just apply for it after a year's separation.In Britain there