Why can't I just do push ups to get an amazing upper body?

Push ups mainly will focus on chest, shoulders and triceps. But your body will get used to your own body-weight

The way we grow is when our muscles are contracted at an intensity that they haven't felt before, they will then be forced to adapt.

If you only do push-ups, that adaptation process is very unlikely to happen.

To get an amazing upper body you will need to start lifting weights.

Follow a proper training routine, start eating more and your muscles will grow accordingly

If I want to lose weight, should I first gain muscle?

If your main goal is to lose weight, your focus should be on nutrition rather than the types of exercise you are doing.  You will not be able to out exercise a diet that isn't aimed at your main goal, meaning, if you're in a caloric surplus and you're trying to lose weight you're pretty likely

Is skiing more dangerous than riding a bicycle?

You asked about statistics and scientific stuff but I'll answer with my little bit of knowledge anyway.I am 18 and an extreme sports enthusiast and I do both kinda high level.Since I was two I always skied, I got In the local ski team

Why does my husband get angry so easily?

There could be multiple reasons but most times its finances that seems to worry him.If you are gainfully employed, he wishes that you could help ease our some of the pressures but he is too proud to ask you for help.If you are a stay at