Why did Hinduism never spread into Central Asia beyond Afghanistan?

Actually the OP is somewhat mistaken. There is evidence of Hindu influence beyond Afghanistan, beyond the Oxus river (Amu Darya), and well into Central Asia.

Along the Silk Road was an ancient country called Sogdia that comprised today's Uzebkistan and parts of Tajikistan. Their language Sogdian was part of the Eastern Iranian family of languages and written is Aramaic script. The land is mentioned in Tang dynasty chronicles as well as by Greek writers. They had the usual Central Asian religions of Manichaeism, Nestorianism, and Buddhism. But what is interesting is that, till 8th century, a country that would have the hometowns of both the future Timur (Samarkand) and Babur (Ferghana) would also have an unmistakable influence of Hinduism. This is remarkable considering no Indian text ever claimed ruling these places and Sogdia was outside of Kushan empire as well.

They had cults of 5 Hindu gods: Brahma, Indra, Mahadeva, Vaisravana, Narayana. Being an Iranian people, they identified many of these with Iranian gods such as Veshparkar (Vesh is from Vayush - Avestan for Vayu). But depictions of these Iranian gods were mostly like Hindu gods. Some like Narayana did not have any Iranian cognate.

Infact it did, as per what you read in Mahabharata. Unless we understand our history better, we can't be certain.

My person who works in this area tells that one of the vedic verse talks of "6months with sun and 6months without sun". This would definitely be outside Asia. Finland is one area where this is observed.

Races need time to invade the others. Religions or Languages neither need time nor a huge army. A few effective speakers could have converted people in those days. Shankaracharya influenced so many people and Acharya Nagarjuna influenced even Japan. Perhaps people over there were converted into those religions.

People did travel far. The places of meditation do indicate that. The history of those places can answer about stagnation of thoughts.

I reiterate that we need to study our history better. A work of fiction-Krishna Key by Ashwin Sanghi speculates about simmilarities between Mesopotamian civilisation and our civilisation. That could be a different flavor of the same.

The question is:

Why did Hinduism never spread into Central Asia beyond Afghanistan?

Rajiv Satyanarayana explained about spread of Hinduism beyond Afghanistan. It is only about physical spread of Hinduism.

Sanaatana Dharma aka Hinduism in its original form is not about worship of one God through Idols (or) innumerable rituals/customs originated due to beliefs/traditions.

It is all about pure spiritual aspects, which were degraded into dogmatic rituals/customs and misunderstood even by Gautama the Buddha.

The pure spiritual aspects were propagated in all directions by the saints of Sanaatana Dharma aka Hinduism, keeping in view of idealistic situation - krinvantO viswamAryavantam - let us make people of the world as noble.

Arya indicates nobleness, but not a race as commonly minunderstood.

However, due to efflux of time, the pure spiritual aspects that were spread into Western horizon got reduced to stories such as Adam and Eve story.

Srimannarayana V Kandukuri (శ్రీమన్నారాయణ)'s answer to Is Eve's sin considered worse? Why?

Hinduism did spread into central asia. And southern Siberia.

North Afghanistan and soutg Uzbekistan were Baligha.

Bukhara Samarland region was Sumbal.

There was a place Syaram where Almatti exists today

Keykaya was even further north west.

Tajikistan was part of Paurav kingdom.

Even Kushan king Kanishka whose rule extended to Mongolia was hindu

In original Arab Muslim culture, there is no place for fire or offering fruits, water etc. to any deity or the God. But if you look at the celebration of Nowruz in Islamic countries of Central Asia, even up to turkey, new year day is celebrated in march month of the Gregorian calendar and the rituals practiced by the people is to offer fruits, water and in particular, wheat grass (grown in basket) along with the two lighted candles. This shows the roots of Hinduism in the day to day life of Muslim brothers and sisters.


a. no intimidation

b. no violence, no revenge

c. no killings in the name of religion

d. no forcible conversions, kidnapping and raping women

e. in real sense it is a way of life rather than a religion

f. does'nt make false proclamations about the religion

However it is all over the world now as Hindus are everywhere!

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