Why did Marvel kill off Loki?

Marvel Comics Loki it's hard to say why they killed him off, other than there was not much left to do with the character.

Loki is one of the oldest Marvel villains, having appeared in Journey into Mystery #82 (if we're counting Silver Age Marvel appearances onward) and has been in comics for most of the time since then and has fought almost every super-team you can think of (Avengers, X-Men, Alpha Flight, The Defenders))....

He's been an active Marvel comics character for decades..with just a few breaks when he was dead or gone or inactive..his character had really played out by the time Marvel killed off the second incarnation of him.. and now there's a younger version running around! So Loki never really goes away.

I think Tom Hiddleston really made the character more 3-dimensional than he was in the comics. He had become a bit of a mustache-twirling big bad guy in Marvel, and it was hard to feel sympathy for the character with the things he had done. With the rise of the character in the MCU, the new spin on how he has been portrayed has been great to watch.

I think Loki will be available to see in some format comics or TV or movies (or all three) for many years to come.

Because marvel is preparing to re-boot the entire Marvel Universe with all politically correct replacements for all of our favorite heroes. For instance, in the comics Thor is now a woman! Yes, that is correct, a woman. Not that being a woman is bad, but no where in Norse mythology has Thor ever been depicted as a woman. So in a way, Marvel is re-writing human history and mythology to suit their new globalist culture.

So, Loki will probably come back as a transgender or something! LoL. OK, maybe not, but the obvious trend is to do away with the traditional white male dominated heroes and replace them with, well, non white male people!

I could come up with other examples of replaced white male heroes, but I will let you do the research on your own and find out for yourself.

I predict that 20 years from now there will be almost no white male characters in the Marvel Universe. Mark my words!

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