Why did Nikola Tesla forefeit his patents?

N. Tesla did not forfeit any of his patents.

He sold them to Westinghouse for a considerable amount of money. Apparently he was not very good in managing his fortune.

How Nikola Tesla Threw Away A Billion Dollar Fortune Then Died Penniless.....

Some of them were useless or superseded and maybe he decided they were not worth paying to maintain in the light of later, better solutions to the same problems.

The application of the triode valve / vacuum tube by de Forest to wireless telegraphy and radio made many earlier systems obsolete.

Other than that I do not have a clue

What are the best new camping tools that most people don't know about?

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When was the last time America won a war?

The American led Operation Inherent Resolve has been an overwhelming victory for the US and our Allies. In three years and 9 months 24,000 US airstrikes, ISIS loses 30% of it's territory, and compared to 14 Americans losing their lives 80,000 plus ISIS are dead. I'd say the US is winning.

Could you create an atmosphere around a planet?

No, we cannot create an atmosphere around a planet.First we need to understand what an atmosphere is. An atmosphere is a layer of air that exists around a planet because the air molecules are attracted to the planet by gravity. This stops air molecules with velocity less than that of the escape velocity from escaping from