Why did the Romans invade North Africa?

Why not?

In ancient times, invasions and annexations of lands were the norm. No one thought less of the Romans, Egyptians or Persians when they conquered lands atound them.

For Rome, control of the Mediterranean sea was critical for their commerce and controlof the growing empire. The rising power of Carthage on the African shore made them realize they must control it to secure the sea for their internal routes and avoid direct naval threat to the Italian peninsula.

Once they won the Punic wars and destroye Carthage, they settled garrisons along the coast. Over time, these matured into trade centers and towns and became part of the Roman empire for about 600 years.

After Rome defeated it's arch rival Carthage ,a North African Empire ( The Roman Senate would rise and say shout in unison : " Carthage must be defeated " ), they began a march across North Africa ,which eventually had them ruling from Morroco to the Nile . Like most ,if not all wars ,it was about economics ,and trade : Rome imported most of it's grains ,beans , spices, fruits , vegetables ,olive oil.,from the region ,and a huge trade was established.

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