Why did you quit your job?

I was working in a high risk complex case orthopedics/interventional cardiology specialty hospital. I had been a nurse for 9 years at the time and I was very good at my job.

We had a great manager who liked to tell administration when they were thinking too much about money and not about patients-a diamond in the rough when it comes to healthcare middle management. Well, of course she got canned because higher ups wanted someone who really only cared about money and appearances, like themselves.

In walks in the most ridiculous bimbo you've ever seen. Hair half a foot high, stilletos, TIGHT clothes, short skirts nearly every day, with a rich husband who had ties with the hospital system. She hadn't worked a floor in 20 years, and pretended she knew everything.

She's our new manager. Did any one of the staff interview her? Heck no. Bam, there she was.

Oh the ridiculousness. She used to make us sign papers on patient's doors stating we did our hourly rounds. So dumb. She disregarded the expertise of experienced nurses because they were "pushy", and loved nurse babies because she could lead them around by the nose into God knows what. She straight up put the best nurses in indesirable positions so they would quit.

She hated competance for some reason. She literally did not hire someone with 10 years experience in the precise field she was applying because she seemed "bossy" with her ideas about things we could do to be better...oh, and she had an ADN. Then she turned around and hired a brand new grad and expected all the nurses to hold her hand while she actually learned nursing skills during busy season....but no worries she had a magical BSN.

I can not describe the FURY I felt watching her toss out applications of ADNs with YEARS of invaluable experience and hire a new grad who couldn't even start an IV because she was "nice" and "fit in" whatever the heck she thought that meant. No FITTING IN is the actual ability to do your job and not needing help every 30 minutes with every nursing skill imaginable when everyone else barely has time to drink water skating to the next call light.

Oh and her "vacations". She was always going somewhere and leaving everyone else with her job. Not that we didn't have enough to do being nurses plus all the dumb commitees she wanted us to be on where administration pretended like they were interested in what we had to say and then did what they were going to do anyway and completely wasted our time when we could be home or doing something worthwhile. Such a total fail.

Then, on Christmas, it was my turn to be called off but had to come in because staffing only called for one nurse from each unit and the newbies couldn't be by themselves in the hospital. So they got to stay home with their kids while I worked. I was charge every shift because they were all busy learning to be nurses....and I got an extra 50 cents an hour taking care of my patients AND doing all the stuff they couldn't. Infuriating.

But, I could have trucked through it all if it weren't for tossing out experience for lit classes, statistics and writing your government official a letter classes. I love my job now. The manager stays out of everyone's way.

How much exercise is enough for me?

Hi,College days are fun, and i can understand the uncertainty we all face almost every day. Late night parties, eating junk, staying up late, erratic lifestyle patterns can be stressful to the body. Nevertheless an effective training routine can offset these variables and infact makes you more productive. Ideally

What exercises can you do everyday at home to build muscle (no weights)?

Oh boy,I'll try to keep this short and sweet or else I'd be here all day.In short, the moves, most people will know and use every day at home will consist of things like,Push UpsPull UpsSquatsLungesPlanksCrunchesLeg LiftsBurpeesEtc, etc

Is 140 pounds fat for 5'7?

I agree with the others, it depends on If you are male or female, how you're built, if you're 12 years old or a 25 year old male bodybuilder. I know some young males that are about 5′7″, have been lifting weights for years and weigh around 140 lbs. They don't