Why do Apple charge Brits the same in £s as they do US citizens in $s?

I'm not 100% sure about the UK, but most EU prices include VAT, whereas US prices are displayed exclusive of taxes. Also, Apple does not modify prices every time exchange rates fluctuate, it has to ‘pad' the prices to nullify that risk.

Takeaway/gratuitous pun: Because of these factors, it's not a straightforward ‘apples-to-apples' comparison.

Note that the US Apple Store shows prices without sales tax whereas the UK store shows prices including sales tax (VAT). UK VAT is currently 20%. The current £:$ exchange rate is about 1.3 (November 2018). So there is currently about a 10% difference.

What are the best winter life hacks to help ensure that I stay warm and pleasant?

1. Run your ceiling fan on low and spin it clockwise. Doing this will push the warm air that rises to the ceiling back down to you.

Is there a free way to see if another phone/device is synced to my phone?

If you have an account that provides the synching of data, such as Google or Samsung there is.Log into your account and on the main page look for Devices associated with the account. Verify any devices you do not want your data synched to, and delete them.You may also toggle