Why do Chinese tourists like to visit North Korea?

I don't have the stats on where Chinese tourists go for comparison, but I definitely believe that Chinese tourists are the vast majority of tourists to North Korea.

Reasons for this? I'm guessing, because its close to China, because China is North Korea's only major ally, because its cheap? Also a lot of other countries have significant restrictions on traveling to North Korea. I can't imagine it would be much fun to visit there because you cannot really travel around the country without North Korea supervision. Then again... when was the last time Chinese tourists traveled around any overseas country without a tour guide? I also can't imagine that North Korea makeup or fashion styles would be more popular in China than South Korean makeup or fashion styles, so I don't know what exactly Chinese tourists buy in North Korea, lol.

Have you ever saved your child's life?

My oldest son was about 4 years old and was having some raspy breathing. We called the doctor ( you could actually do that in those days ) and talk to him and he said it was probably just congestion, and bring him in the next day.It got worse and I stayed up with him because I was worried.

What have you heard a doctor say that surprised you?

Every time when a doctor says he/she will not recommend anyone to study medicine.‘why' he/she does brainwashing of the naive students like me.Strange!I have recently seen those are the grumpy doctors and I really don't understand why they radiate negativity

What is your most private vacation experience?

My Partner is in the advertising business. The client he was working with rented a VERY high end resort in the British Virgin Islands for two weeks. The resort had at that time 14 cabana style huts on stilts for rooms. They rented the whole place. I get to go along if I pay my own way