Why do I enjoy the idea of hanging out with people, but I don't actually enjoy actually hanging out with people?

I can tell you exactly why "I" do this. I am a Romantic. Always have been, always will be. So, the idea of hanging out with people sometimes seems like an awesome thing to do. Then i think about what actually happens when i do and how rare is it truly a wondrous experience. Sure, i recall some of the best moments in my life and they have often been with other people. But, for every one of those special moments, there are perhaps a thousand times it fucking sucked. Each of the great times was spontaneous and the person or people i was with were or are extraordinary. They are head and shoulders above the average person out there.

So, even though i sometimes do have a rememberable visit, they are rare. Even with the few people that i love and value the most. I need to be in the right frame of mind and they need to be in a similar state. How often do the stars align? Learn to entertain yourself, but do try to be a good friend to those you do care about. Be honest with them, and yourself about when you actually can and want to be with them and when you simply are not up for it. If they are real friends, they'll understand that you often don't go out with them, and if and when you do, you may cut-out early because you are depleted and need to recharge.

My solution: be the introverted romantic you actually are. It is perfectly acceptable to want/need solitude.

What is stretching for beginners or where can I start from to be more flexible?

When we go back to our roots, we can restore our flexibility in a highly intelligent and useful manner that nature has already set up.As someone who used to stretch for up to 2 hours per day and no longer does.The old school ways of stretching are

I recently ran a 5:58 in my 1500 meter race (I'm 12). I'm pretty happy with my self. The season ends in around 3-4 weeks, and at that last meet, I want to run a sub 5:30 1,500 meter time. What do I need to do in order to accomplish this goal?

One of the most important things you need to achieve this time is the drive to do so. If you do not have the motivation, you will have already cut yourself short of achieving that time.It's not just mental game, though. You'll need to train for this. Talk

How are the Anglo-Saxon and European (Latin) way of thinking different?

Albert Gehring in 1908 wrote a book on the distinguishing traits of the Graeco-Latins and Teutons (when he says Germanic, he means the Germanic peoples, which includes the Anglo-Saxons).  His writing is highly unfashionable by modern standards, and for that reason it is quite intriguing.The most Germanic writer in