Why do I feel embarrassed to ask for help?

Children brought up in homes where they are isolated or there are no adults available to answer questions will soon become self-sufficient and either not get their questions answered or search for answers on their own.

Homes that have a policy that children are to be seen and not heard send the message that the child is not important in the family. These children learn early that asking for help can be dangerous and questions are better left unanswered than risk retribution from a parent or adult figure.

Some parents shame children who ask questions and even teachers sometimes act as if it's a crime for a child to ask a simple question.

Some children who grow up in a normal, inquisitive environment- as adults may be surprised when confronted with someone they are involved with who believes silence is golden and ignorance is bliss. Their background brings to the relationship attitudes that discourage questions.

What happens when you start running for the first time since birth at age of 30?

I was 31 when I completed my first 5 KM run non-stop and then went on to do two 10 KM runs. From my personal experience when you do it the first time, you'll hate it because your lungs will

Why doesn't Shah Rukh Khan make movies like Swades?

SRK has the ability to make such movies but he is stuck in a catch 22 situation wherein he has to cement his position based on box office numbers and also wants to keep his critics happy.Take the example of the movie Raees. The director of this movie

Are sauna belts effective for fat loss?

The weight-loss industry has introduced a nearly countless assortment of gadgets promising fast weight loss. The sauna belt resembles a long heating pad that fits around your waste. Once turned on, the sauna belt causes perspiration around the midsection. Proponents