Why do I hate to go to work?

Even if you are in a job you love there will be days you don't want to go into work, but I'm assuming you have an issue that your job is a drag and you only go in because you need to earn a wage to pay for your living costs and fun.

It sounds like your job is unfulfilling. If I were you I'd start an exit strategy. Look to having a career rather than a job. Take night classes that will get you into a profession that you can be passionate about. Ask yourself what it is you love to do, what are your values and look for a career that matches them, figure out what you need to learn or what experience you need to monetize those values and passions you have and make steps to do it.

Sure you might have to stick at that horrible job for a while until you get yourself in place to transition, but If you set a goal to move on and work towards that, then even the sucky job will be more bearable because it will become part of the path to better things.

Reasons why you probably hate to go to work could be anyone of the 10 points stated below.

1. You are not respected as person at work. You are viewed like a production units, rather than a valued collaborator.

2. You don't have the right tools, equipment, information and basic operational requirements needed to do the job. When you ask for tools or guidance you get yelled at or ignored.

3. Your employer disregards your personal life and has no compassion for your obligations outside of work.

4. You probably feel that your immediate supervisor is a tyrant, unqualified for their job, or both.

5. You are tired of being lied to.

6.You have no visibility into the future and no confidence your manager/s will do the right thing, either from a business standpoint or a human standpoint.

7. You are tired of dealing with the politics in your workplace.

8. You are underpaid and overworked.

9. You go to work every day and push a rock uphill, you try in vain to get any forward motion on your work projects.

10. You have to watch every word you say and every move you make, because the knives are out and you could get in trouble -- or get fired -- for almost any reason.

Therefore, you realise that you're wasting your time working for the wrong people, rest assured that you've taken a big step forward. You don't have to quit your job tomorrow or launch into a job search just yet.

Please reflect on what you want to do next, the best answer is not "I'll look at job ads and apply for every job I see!"

You probably deserve a job that celebrates you, not one that merely tolerates you. Take the time to choose your next job (or next career path) not just in order to escape your present situation, but to improve your working life and advance your career.

Change is almost never easy -- but you'll be very happy you made the decision to step into something new, once you've done it.

Do also remember this: only the people who get you, deserve you!

Perhaps you don't find the work engaging, or the work environment is too stressful. I suggest exploring careers consistent your interests, skills, and interpersonal comfort level. A good place to start would be your local community college or technical college, where they have the resources to help you identify some career paths that might be a better match for you.

You dread going to work because you'd rather be doing something else.

The job you have is not fulfilling.

The environment you work in is not the healthiest whether it'd be the conditions or the culture.

Think about what you're good at, what you're passionate about, and what pays money.

And the thing that overlaps those three things will be fulfilling to you as a job.

You work for someone who neither values your time or hardworking. He or she never sees the value of you as an employee and, you are not highly respected by them or your fellow colleagues.

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