Why do I keep on losing weight even though I am eating a lot?

To think ..
 Losing weight means eating less for many people. Losing weight often leads to a difficult road of denial and starvation, which many people sooner or later strand. Unfortunately! It can also be different! Did you know that you can lose weight by eating more? So just think ...

More food?
 More food to lose weight may sound too good to be true. Lines are almost synonymous with LESS food. Can you imagine that people are surprised when I say they have to eat more to lose weight? And can you imagine people saying "I do not get it all on what you prescribe for me" and in the meantime lose weight? I explain to you how that works and how you can lose weight by eating more.

Every pound goes through the mouth?
 I often come across overweight people who have already taken many line attempts. They are desperate. Because often they have managed to lose weight, but every time after stopping a diet, the kilos fly again. Especially after a crash diet and a low-carbohydrate diet, I see that people get into trouble. Crying, they say that they are even heavier than ever. "I'm just coming on and I'm not eating very much! It seems like I'm getting fat of water!"
 I take these people very seriously, because it is true what they say! They can often eat very little. As soon as they eat more, the kilos are flying. Their metabolism and fat burning is seriously disrupted by all the lines! So the statement every pound goes through the mouth is not correct! What I recently made with me, I want to give you as an example.

Can we drink water right after we work out? And how much time after a workout can we take a shower?

IAs far as possible DO NOT drink water immediately after a work out.Drinking water immediately after a work out cools off the system rapidly, which is not desired.Allow the body to cool off naturally. Post workout Ur body metabolism is high. Which is good for weight loss.Professional.body

People, who hate their jobs, how do you get through the endless days?

Well I despise my current job but my fathers words echo through my mind when I think about quitting. He told my sister once when she was a dish washer to

Why does the Hindu scripture (Upanishad) ask their husbands to beat their wives?

For starters, I have never read or herd about this before.Well, one good thing about being hindu is...We don't have to read all that sh*t.It's good that you read it. But just because you read it somewhere does not mean you should preach it.I