Why do I sweat more than other people based on my level of fitness?

Some people just sweat more.

I've worked with people who would have water in the tips of their latex gloves within a couple of minutes, their hands sweat so much.

Botox can be used to stop the excess sweating eg. in the underarm area, where it can be embarrassing to constantly be wet. You'll need to get shots quarterly, or so. And you may find you sweat more in other areas.

Some people elect for surgery

There are prescription antiperspirants that work for some people.  Check with your doctor for more information.

EDIT: Saw this on a TLC TV show, What Have I Got. I can't find it on YouTube, maybe you'll have better luck. Season 1 Episode 3
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How to feel happy when I am alone

When you have nothing to do and also there is nobody near you with whom you can chat or talk with. One tend to get bored and in most cases he/she goes to sleep. It is a very common problem in

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I've been running 4 kms daily. So far I've lost 1.3 kgs in 45 days, which seems to be a poor return. What's the best way to get out of this plateau? How can I improve my weight loss efficiency?

Effective Weight Loss StrategyBy running 4 km daily I lost only 1.3 Kg in 45 days! This is a common complaint. I had a friend who used to run 16 km for 6 days a week and up to 30 km on Sundays. The maximum distance I ran at a stretch was 8 km. My friend had more