Why do IITs get such super fast Internet connection?

In todays world exchanging of huge amount of data is vital for the success of the programs they run on, we are talking in terms of zetta bytes  of datas across different schools, assume one research person needs this info from another university which is doing similar research, knowledge sharing is vital across universities. I will give you an example of data mining software that was developed by stanford validated by caltech (zetta or yottabytes of data) which wouldnt be possible with out high speed internet. Infact thats what they called it as Internet2 where all top schools are interconnected with very high speed networks. They have dedicated pipes across different schools which provides capability to share datas across univiersities. Am all for it high speed net across all universities.
Internet connection  depends on your ISP (Internet Service Provider).
There are different types of connections provided by different ISPs like broadband, lease line etc.
Other Institution and private houses can also get super fast connection if they ask for such type of connection to ISP.
What will be the next generation of the internet?

The next generation of the Internet will be the Quantum Internet.The Mathematics, Physics and the technology is now coming together so that Internet augmented Quantum Computing is now a reality. The

Why don't car companies sell their cars like Tesla sells cars?

The dealership model is well established in the United States. It was not practical early in the life of auto industry for companies to build showrooms and repair facilities throughout the US and then start selling cars. It would have been cost prohibitive. Since

Why is it so hard to learn to cook?

I can't remember if it was an old New Yorker cartoon or a joke my Mother made, but two older ladies were passing a French couple with their children. One of the women turned to the other and said