Why do India and Africa keep overpopulating themselves if it just makes them poorer?

No preface. Here are the bullet points:

  • Illiteracy: People are illiterate and unaware. They have no access to the birth control measures.
  • More hands at work: Poor parents think that having more children means more hands to help them at work. For example in agriculture.
  • Unemployment: When there is a high unemployment rate, all they do is make love and produce babies.
  • Waiting for a son: I don't know if it is true in Africa, but in India many parents feel themselves incomplete without having at least a son. I have seen parents producing 5–6 daughters before give birth to a son.
  • Joint families: Even if you are too busy to take care of kids, there are always some other family members available for that job. So, you can have babies and keep on working.

How do we hide the beam depth in living room?

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Have you ever loved someone you shouldn't?

Yes, I'm not sure I am even over him yet. l did eventually break up with him. We did not share the same values and he had a lot of unhealthy problems. I am a Christian he was not. He liked it

What would have been the condition of India if it was not colonised?

Question: What would have been the condition of India if it was not colonized?Answer: It is quite a stretch of imagination.India in 18th century was in a political turmoil. Mughal empire had weakened and Maratha and Sikh empires were on the rise. The Nawabs of various provinces started to assert their independence from the empire. British East India